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How To Stop Rats Coming Up To The Toilet?

The chances of finding rats in the toilet are pretty rare, but it happens once in a blue moon. You need to know that the situation is quite common in big cities. It is mainly because they have substantial sewer systems that encourage rat infestations to a great point. Often city sewers are cracked, which become rat entry points, and eventually, your toilet becomes pest arenas.

But you can undoubtedly deal with rats in toilet if you act in no time by shutting the toilet lid and flushing instantly. Flushing doesn’t mean that the rats will get back to the sewer, but you can surely get some break to get the bleach and pour it into the toilet. When you use bleach in the bathroom, it will kill a rat in just 15 minutes, thanks to asphyxiation. It would be best if you didn’t hold the live rat with your hands as rats are mainly vermin, and they carry ailments that make you ill in no time. Sewer rats primarily feed on human’s excrement, so you must stay away from it.

If you find rats in toilets, then you shouldn’t think twice before calling your pest control company. It is mainly because the experts have snares that can trap the rats in no time and safely remove it from your toilet. If you have to wait for a few hours for the pest control expert, then you need to keep something heavy on the lid to prevent the rat from escaping. These experts might also give you some advice on rodent proofing.

How Can You Prevent Rats In Your Drain Pipes?

When you find rats in toilets, you need to know that rats can easily climb vent stack pipes. You can also cover your lines with rodent-proof wire mesh to prevent this situation. You also need to look around your house for some holes, which are a sign of rat infestation. Furthermore, it is vital to install rat traps around your home using bait or some position to curb the rat entry points. You need to ensure that you place poison in your rat trap if you plan to use poison to prevent rat entry points, as it is vital for your kid’s safety. A rat is likely to find an irresistible path for some exploration, and thanks to its sharp claws, it can easily climb up any toilet bowl.

Would You Find A Rat In Your Toilet?

Rat population also increases with an increase in population in cities and towns. A lot of human wastes are likely to put pressure on sewers and encourage rats and rodents to spread in no time. When you find rats at rat entry points doesn’t mean you have an issue with cleanliness. The rats mainly come up looking for some shelter and food as they are some bare essentials. You need to check for some signs in and around your house. If there are any grease marks, then there is a sure sign of infestation.

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