Pitch Fibre Drains And What To Know About That

The pitch fibre drains originated back in the 1950s as an initiative to bring about an alternative to the traditional clay pipes. The demand for pitch fibre drains is still prevalent in the UK, given how it cost-friendly. What makes the pitch fibre drains sturdy and durable is its ingredients comprising of a mixture of asbestos and coal tar.

What To Do If You Notice Problems With Your Pitch Fibre Drains

In case there isn’t an issue with your drainage, you can leave it as it is. But if you have to get in touch with experts and professionals if the pitch fibre drains collapse as a result of extra pressure underground or in case if it starts developing blisters either because of fat, grease, oil, and hot water. If you get in touch with experts engaged in unblocking drains Bracknell, they can arrange for a CCTV drain survey to find out the quality of the pitch fibre drains.

Pitch Fibre Drains Damaged? Know-How To Approach It

When your pitch fibre drain is damaged, you are left with two options, either you replace the drain or you get it repaired by the unblock drains bracknell companies. The CCTV drain inspection will decide which option shall be suitable. The best option is to opt for repair because it isn’t only quicker but also cheaper. The engineer involved in pitch fibre drain repair and maintenance is the best person to contact to understand what has to be done.

The Speciality About Pitch-Fibre Made Pipes

Pitch-fibre-made underground pipes were in use during the 1950’s-the 1960s. While they might have a relatively shorter life span unlike other clay and heavy-duty pipes, the pipes are easy to handle and are budget-friendly as well.

Pitch Fibre Drains: How Are They Repaired?

The specialists for unblock drains bracknell are also experts at handling pitch fibre drain repairs. A lot of repining has been done by these experts across the UK. Relining can be done for damage to pitch fibre drain with the help of polyester and felt lining that is internally applied and conceals all types of small holes and cracks. If this looks like a good option then the experts can also choose patch lining, where the patch is used for the covering of the crack and hole. Brawl liner is preferred when the drain shows up severe damage and issues.

Pitch Fibre Replacement

The experts responsible for pitch fibre drain replacement and unblock drains bracknell are the best people to consult for replacing pitch fibre drain. They can recommend you the best option and whether or not you need to install heavy-duty pitch fibre drains or not. The experts responsible will first see your drains and make sure they are digging the right places. The pipes shall be replaced as soon as possible.

It is always a good option to go for repair than a replacement for pitch fibre drains, given how it is more affordable and less disruptive. Also, pitch fibre drains can last longer with good maintenance.

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